Wednesday, 5 February 2014

desperate girl seeking perfect house

Why don't they teach you how to live at school? Learning science and history and french was great and all that but none of it has helped me when looking at houses. I don't understand mortgages, or interest, and to be honest those lessons might have been worth listening in. I'm so tired of finding gorgeous perfect houses that I just can't afford or that are already under offer and getting a tiny bit excited before I realise they are off limits. I know the perfect house won't come along straight away but I want to know how to go about doing all the important things before buying one.

I need to go into the estate agents and get myself on the mailing lists and book some viewings just so I can see whats out there but my lack of social skills are definitely getting in the way. Maybe its time to remember that now I'm 20 I shouldn't be such a drama queen and I just need to get on with things in life instead of sitting and thinking about them.

Estate agents here I come.

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