Monday, 27 January 2014

Life begins at 20

So yesterday I turned 20. Twenty years old. And I have never felt so unexcited for my birthday ever. I was filled with the snottiest cold I have had in years, feeling depressed about having to go back to work after almost 10 days off and in general just not ready to be twenty. I know I don't look twenty and probably never will, which I cant decide is a good or bad thing right now but I certainly don't feel twenty.

When people ask how old you are, 19 feels care-free, and makes it sound fine that you don't have a job that you love and want to do forever. 19 justifies the fact that you still don't do your own washing or even know how to do your own washing, or that you still feel naughty when you go to bed without brushing your teeth. 20 sounds to me like you know what your doing with your life and you should know how to look after yourself without asking your mum if your baby pink top goes in the wash with the 'darks or the whites'. 19 was easy and 20 feels a damn lot harder.

So while I'm sat here sipping out of my Dress up Boo the dog mug  (it comes with outfit stickers!) I have decided to make a promise to myself. This year will be the year where I grow up, learn how to do 'adult' things and find out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

And that starts right now with this here blog. A place where I can post about my everyday accomplishments no matter how big or small, or report back my failures of which I know there will be plenty.

I'm Megan, I'm twenty and I'm going to start growing up.

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